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This is an episodic set of ‘shorter’ story arcs which follow the career of a mismatched but highly skilled group of Changelings. They are ‘fixers’ or as we say in today’s modern age “troubleshooters” who sweep in and save the day from many of life’s many problems, large or small – for the right price. Couched in the terribly convenient guise of circus performers, our PCs are free to traverse various cultures and times in their enchanted circus train while they awe and inspire crowds of all ages and do a little good-intentioned larceny on the side. After three years of play on a previous story filled with evil PCs, subversive behavior, twisted machinations, and incredibly dark occurrences, my gaming group decided it was time to have a little levity and play the good guys.

The setting takes place in the Victorian era and a little beyond (1806-1906), and we primarily make use of the New World of Darkness setting, Changeling: The Lost. The game can also be considered a crossover campaign, as you will also find many of the nWoD and Chronicles of Darkness races in the circus itself, as well as in the world around it.

Contained herein, you will find the as much information as I can muster on the wild – and often outlandish – world that we are creating together to fulfill our purposes. We were inspired by such gems as The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, Something Wicked This Way Comes – the Steampunk genre as a whole, and my own personal life long obsession with far away fairy lands, the humans stolen away to them, and the culture of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. For other inspiration, and to really capture the awe, wonder and struggle of circus life, I also suggest seeing The Greatest Showman.

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